Photogrammetry and RTI

Photogrammetry and reflectance transformation imaging (RTI) are techniques for creating interactive spatial images. We are using these techniques to create representations of Blackfoot cultural heritage, as well as in workshops and art-making.

Photogrammetry is a photographic process that creates an extremely dense and precisely textured 3D model.

photographs that are used to create a 3D model
Software uses the data from the photos to generate a textured 3D model.
Screenshot of photogrammetry software
Each ring is made up of a series photographs taken around the object at different angles.

RTI is a photographic method that captures a surface’s shape and color. The resulting digital file can be digitally interacted with as if with a raking light, revealing detailed surface information.

Hundreds of photographs with a moving light source are used to make the interactive image.

Cultural Heritage Imaging is a great resource for learning about photogrammetry and RTI. They offer free software for building and viewing RTI projects.