England, July 2019

(Left to right) Tom Allison, Christine Clark, Jerry Potts, Velma Crow Shoe, Louisa Minkin, Melissa Shouting, Ian Dawson, Carol Murray, John Murray.

In July 2019 Blackfoot Elders, University of Lethbridge faculty, and students visited England to conduct research on Blackfoot objects held by British museums. They visited these museums to create digital models that will be hosted on the Blackfoot Digital Library and become the property of the Blackfoot people. The museums included The British Museum, The Horniman Museum and Gardens in London, and The Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology in Cambridge.

Looking at a War Shirt. British Museum. July 2nd, 2019.
(left to right) Danielle Heavy Head, Velma Crow Shoe, Carol Murray, Jerry Potts.
Example of Blackfoot Beading (detail). British Museum. July 3rd, 2019.

The travellers were Danielle Heavy Head, Jerry Potts, Velma Crow Shoe, Kent Ayoungman, Linda Little Chief, Jackson 2Bears, Justine Heavy Head, Deserae Yellow Horn, Melissa Shouting, John Murray, Carol Murray, Dr. Josephine Mills, and Christine Clark. The British side of the team is Louisa Minkin, Ian Dawson, and Tom Allison. Minkin is a professor and artist at Central Saint Martins art college, where 3D technology is being explored. These British team members have developed sophisticated techniques to produce images of objects with incredible detail.

Photographing a robe. British Museum. July 2nd, 2019.
Louisa Minkin, left, Ian Dawson, right.
Blackfoot Beaded Bag (detail) Cambridge Museum. July 1st, 2019.